Smart Cabrio Verdeck

  • Please Help....

    I have a Smart Cabrio. Its verdeck stopped working. Smart Service said
    that these mechanical items (locks) that are broken are not parts they
    can change. I have to buy a new Verdeck (3000Euro). I bought a second
    hand one by but its broken in the same way! Do You know how to
    order the broken Verdeck's locks? Webasto Polen can't help me, Smart Service can't help me.

    QuasiModo (POLEN)

  • Hello!

    My first advice:
    Do not purchase a new for 3000!
    I have problems with the verdeck too. My smart-center could not repair it. They didn't find the exact reason.
    Send to me photos with the parts which you need. Then you can have these parts of my old as soon as my verdeck is changed. Perhaps these parts are still correct.
    Otherwise I can tell you, where one can buy a new verdeck many more cheaply.