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    Sorry for typing on English, but I dont`speak German:(. I`m typing from Croatia/Kroatien and I suppose that this thread is sometnihg I neeed and simular to my problem.
    Well, I have Smart FF, 1.5CDI with automatic transmisson and a problem. When driving in A (automatic) mode sometims while driving or when I stop on trafic sign, traffic lights, the car "lose" gears, and act like the engine is in the N mode (neutral) and even if I push acc. nothing occur. Than I cant do nothing, it won`t respond on nothing, moving to A or N or R mode, it only helps if i turn off engine, move in the N + brake and than start engine normaly.
    I hope you had understand my question, and that this topic is right one.
    If anybody answer on my question please do it on English.
    Thank you a lot, and have many nice greetings from Croatie!